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This show isn’t free but I’ve got a feeling I’ll end up at Emo’s tonight for this. Cupcakes, burlesque, and rock & roll. What a combination! More info here.



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Beignets and Chatreuse tomorrow morning at Frank – RSVP

Crystal Head Vodka and a a late night dance party – RSVP

Pizza and beer at Submerged – RSVP

Open bar at the Tumblr party Saturday night – RSVP

It never ends…

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Sustainable Media Happy Hour Monday March 15, 6PM, the Ginger Man [free beer] – RSVP

Greystar Party Friday March 19th, noon-7Pm, Parkside [free food from 3-5PM, free drink ticket] – RSVP to sposin [at] greystar [dot] com

Mess With Texas Fest March 19 & 20, 1001 E 6th St [Gwar, Andrew WK, Frightened Rabbit] – info and RSVP

Eastbound and Found Thursday March 18, 1001 E 6th St [GZA, Kid Sister] – RSVP

Power Up ATX March 15 and 16th, 11-4Pm [coffee, wine, cocktails, Homeslice while supplies last, charging stations] – RSVP

Fader Fort March 17-20, 1-8PM, 1101 E 5th St [free drinks, this is one of the shows Kanye did last year] – RSVP

Relix Day Party Friday March 19, 12-5PM, Antone’s [Citizen Cope, Watson Twins, Minus the Bear] – RSVP to SXSW [at] RELIX [dot] com

Bay Area Takeover Thursday March 18 1130-6PM, Beauty Bar [free beer] – RSVP

Parties at the Palm Door – see page for RSVP links to a couple parties

Tweet House – Friday March 12 [beer and bbq at 530, badge may be needed] – invite request

Minnesota Music Party Thursday March 18 12-6PM, Maggie Mae’s [free bbq, cocktails] – RSVP


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This should be a pretty big update since I’ve been occupied for a while. Try to keep up.

Carniville March 18-20 at the Mexican American Cultural Center [Diplo, Major Lazer, Death Set, “carnie food”, free booze,  highly recommended] – RSVP and more info here

Get Out of the Garage Showcase March 18, 9PM at the Fader Fort [Passion Pit DJ set, free drinks] – RSVP

Groupon Breakfast – Monday March 15th, 830-11AM, Cedar Door [free breakfast, free drinks] – RSVP

Firefox mini-golf Friday March 12 4-530PM, Peter Pan Mini Golf [food, beer] – RSVP , more info

Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour – Thursday March 11th at Frank, 6PM [free drinks]- info

SonicBids Party – Friday March 19, 1130-530PM, Maggie Mae’s – RSVP

Thrillist Austin Launch Party – Monday March 15th 8-Midnight, Stubb’s Inside [free booze? The Dutch liquor sounds scary] – RSVP

Barbarian Group/Stumble Upon Party – Sunday March 14th, 8PM, Mohawk [Octopus Project, Flosstradamus] – RSVP

Bandize party – March 17th 530-730PM, Max’s Wine Dive [free wine and food] – RSVP

Brooklyn Vegan Day Party – March 17th noon-6PM, Emo’s [free beer, vodka, vegan breakfast tacos] – No RSVP necessary, see info here

Daily Juice Boat Party – Tues March 16th 530PM SHARP, 3700 Lake Austin [free beer, cupcakes, daiy juice, first 200 people board] – Flyer

Pork Chop Poster Art Show – Saturday March 20  1-8PM, 203 Lessin Lane [free beer] RSVP

Shout It Out Loud Party – March 17, 12-7PM, Creekside [free Lonestar, Anamanaguchi] RSVP to RSVP [at] shoutitoutloudmusic [dot] com flyer

South By Sneaker Fest – Saturday March 13-21, 2nd and Guadalupe [free wine, vodka?] RSVP

France Rocks Austin Thursday March 18th at Klub Krucial [free champagne] RSVP

(OK I’m getting lazy. Click on the RSVP links for dates and locations)

MusicTech Mixer – free margaritas and mexican food RSVP

SXSW Basement Blast and Bingo Party – raffles, food, RSVP

PopBox party – free drinks and apps RSVP

The Knuckle Rumbler Lounge – link has RSVP info for all their parties, free tacos, sweet leaf, SoCo while it lasts – RSVP

South by South Mess – party at a co-op w/ Andrew WK., Sunny Day in Glasgow RSVP

Best Damn Duos – party at Pie Guys with El Ten Eleven, free pizza RSVP

Nail + Distiller Party – free beer with badge or wristband Info/RSVP

FireFly Fandango Friday – Free funnel cakes and firefly vodka RSVP

Lamebook Really Late Launch Party – Free bbq and beer while it lasts RSVP

RSVPs for you and me

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Before the RSVP dump, I want to a quick shout out to @thaLOjack. She’s been getting into the RSVP hunting game this year and has been passing on to me some of the good stuff she’s been finding.  Even though she’s recently just been tweeting about her bbq reviews on Yelp, I’m sure that following her during SXSW will help you find your way to free fun.  Now, on to the good stuff:

Hype Machine Party

Social Media Breakfast – Sunday March 14th, Hyatt Regency [free food and drink] – RSVP info (have to get a ticket on a schedule, next availability is Wednesday)

British Music Embassy – multiple days at Latitude 30  [free food and drink?] – RSVP (badge or wristband req’d, look for follow-up email after intial RSVP)

Eastside Get Down – Thursday, March 18th, Noon-6PM, The Independent [free Lone Star, Salvation Pizza, maybe sunglasses?!] – RSVP

The Boxer Rebellion – Saturday March 13th 9PM, The Phoenix [open bar] – RSVP

San Diego Hoe-down – Wednesday March 17th 3-8PM, Lustre Pearl [free beer, free wahoo’s tacos, El Ten Eleven] – email your RSVP (first and last name) to SDSxSW [at] San [dot] rr [dot] com

Big Texas Jumpstart III – Wednesday March 17th, noon-6PM, Creekside [free beer] – RSVP

Onion AV Club Party – Friday March 19th, noon, Mohawk [free Starbucks & Brooklyn Brewery?] – RSVP info

Tug Boat Hustle – Tuesday March 16th, 7PM, Club De Ville [free tequila?] – RSVP

Milwaukee Beer & Brat party – Tuesday March 16th, 1230-330PM, Cedar Door  [free food, 2 free drink tickets] –  RSVP

Austin Town Hall party – Thursday March 18th, 11 AM, Ghost Rom [free Taco Cabana coffee] – RSVP

House By Southwest – Wednesday March 17th, 6PM, Silhouette [nighttime DJs] – RSVP to RSVP [at] HeadsetRecords [dot] com (more info)

WhoLinksToMe party – Sunday March 14th, 8PM, Union Park [free beer] – RSVP

Austin JavaScript party – Monday March 15th, 4-9PM, Kung Fu Saloon [free food and drink]

Good Capitalist party – Monday March 15th, 7-9PM, American Youthworks Warehouse [free food and drink] – RSVP (limited number of tickets, make haste)

High Five Party – Thursday March 18th, 11AM, Elysium [free food and drink] – RSVP

Computer Blip Bloop Bullsh!t party – Monday March 15th, 9PM [free Brooklyn Brewery] – RSVP

We Put the “A” in Austin – Friday March 19th, 2-7PM, Light Bar [free Belvedere Vodka, 2-4PM] – RSVP and/or RSVP

The Loft – Thursday-Saturday, March 18-20th, 12-6PM, Malverde [awesome bands, anyone handy with photoshop to decode the blurs? (besides Andrew WK, that’s obvs)] – RSVP

Sustainable Media Happy Hour – Monday March 15th, 6PM, Ginger Man [free beer] – RSVP

State of Now Cocktail Hour – Friday March 12th, 6-8PM, Lanai [free martinis?] – RSVP

Do512/Demand Media Party – Monday March 15th, 6PM, The Phoenix [open bar] – RSVP (rumor is this RSVP will close once it reaches a certain point so don’t delay)


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Swordfightin' Stormtroopers

They’re looking for swordfighters, too. Seriously.

More more more

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The Bigg Digg Shindigg (Digg), Saturday March 13th 7 PM, Stubb’s, 801 Red River [The Walkmen, no idea on free stuff, anyone have thoughts?] – RSVP

Coast to Coast (Southside Sanctuary/Sneak Attack Party), Friday March 19th, 11-6PM, Clive Bar, 609 Davis St [These guys always throw kick ass parties with free drinks and some fun on-site printing.] – RSVP and save your confirmation email.

Dickies Party, Thurs-Sat, March 18-20th, 3 PM, Lustre Pearl, 97 Rainey St [Good bands, tacos?- RSVP

Spune Party, Saturday March 20th, 1130 AM-6 PM, J Black’s, 710 W 6th St [Sponsors imply free Tito’s & cupcakes?] – RSVP

All Together Now, March 17-20th [Don’t know much about this party, but rumor is that MTV is taking over Seaholm, so…] – RSVP

Pure Volume House

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The RSVP for the main Pure Volume House party is now open.  This is a must-RSVP as they have consistently provided a place to relax and drink some free booze during SXSW. There’s usually some free schwag laying around and this year there will be some free “tacos” courtesy of Taco Bell. (Austinites expect better, but hey, free is free. I don’t shy away from the occasional Cheesy Gordita Crunch or 1/2 pound Beef and Potato Burrito, though. And that 5 Layer Burrito for 89 cents is a pretty solid deal.  OK, who am I kidding; I love me some Taco Bell. But I digress.) Previously listed parties being held at the House should be considered separate entities, so don’t think you can get away with not RSVP-ing. Just do it. And save me some tacos.


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I’ve been slow in overcoming my inertial laziness but it’s time to kick things into gear.  This initial list should prove epic.

Quick advice: It never hurts to add guests to your RSVPs if it’s allowed but don’t be unreasonable (example of unreasonable: +50). If the RSVP requires an email, try to put SXSW and/or the name of the party in the subject line. Try adding guests if you want. Always assume free stuff is while it lasts especially with food.

Small Business Web Happy Hour,  Saturday March 13th, 4-7 PM, Pure Volume House, 504 Trinity [Free drinks and apps] – RSVP

Adobe SXSW Sunday Brunch, Sunday March 14th [Food] – RSVP

Mashable Bash, Sunday March 14th, Buffalo Billiards, 10 PM [3 hr open bar, internet McDreamy Pete Cashmore, possible need for badge but I know you all are smooth talkers] – RSVP and/or RSVP [I opted for redundancy]

GeoBash at the Pure Volume House, Sunday March 14th, 8 PM [8 hr open bar] – RSVP

Beer Camp, Monday March 15th, 7:30 PM, Emo’s, 6th and Red River [Beer pong tourney?] – Sign up your team

From the Mind of Adi, Tuesday March 16th, 8 PM, Chupacabra, 400 E 6th St [free beer, DJ Car Stereo (Wars)] – RSVP

SXSWi Closing Party, Tuesday March 16th, the Mohawk, 912 Red River [open bar (note: it says badge-holders only, still might be worth a shot for non-badgers)] – RSVP

Paste Magazine Parties, Wed-Thurs, March 17th-18th, Galaxy Room, 507 E 6th St [Frightend Rabbit, Shearwater] – RSVP for both days

Gigacrate, Wed-Thurs, March 17th-18th, Beso Cantina, 307B W 5th St [free nighttime dj’s] – RSVP

Filter Magazine Party, Thursday-Sat, March 18th-20th, 11 AM [free BBQ early (I can’t emphasize that enough for this party), Miike Snow, Minus the Bear, Dr. Dog, Frightened Rabbit] – RSVP

Full Metal Texas, Thursday March 18th,  Noon-6PM, Emo’s, 6th and Red River [metal, drink “specials”, giveaways] – RSVP

Consequence of Sound Party, Noon, The Compound, 1300 E 4th St [good bands, seems like there should be free booze] – RSVP

Standard Recordings Party, Thursday March 18th & Saturday March 20th, Dirty Dog/Shakespeare’s (respectively), Noon [Free beer] – RSVP

RockSteady Party, Thursday March 18th, 1-7PM, Red Fez [Japandroids, giveaways] – RSVP info on flyer

Small Stone Records/Converse Party, Thursday March 18th, 1:30 PM at Encore, 611 Red River [free grub (mexican?) and limited edition Chucks if you’re lucky (and early)] – RSVP Flyer

Do It To It, Thursday March 18th, Silhouette, 718 Congress, 8 PM, [nighttime dance party] – RSVP info on flyer

Full Irish Breakfast, Friday March 19th 11AM, BD Riley’s [free breakfast] – RSVP info found here

Make Waves Not War party, Friday March 19th, 3:30 PM, Kenichi [free sushi] – RSVP to assist [at] luckmedia [dot] com

Aussie BBQ,  Saturday March 20th [free food?] – RSVP

Rachael Ray’s Feedback, Saturday March 20th, Stubbs, 801 Red River – RSVP?

SXSeattle Party, Saturday March 20th, Noon, Beauty Bar, 617 E 7th St [Free beer and food last year] – RSVP

The Do512 Big One, Saturday March 20th, Noon, The Compound, 1300 E 4th St [Free Shiner and Deep Eddy sweet tea infused vodka, Holy F*ck, Hood Internet] – RSVP

Rooftop Riot with Andrew W.K. [Andrew W.K.] – RSVP

Get to it!